Formations Esthétique & Spa

Elégance Spa & Beauty training

Specific training methods

Elégance puts its students in a real professional environment: the school’s beauty salon and treatment spa (spa-school, salon-school).
The trainees therefore spend each week performing supervised professional treatments (the trainers are always at their sides).
The student’s practical application of what they are taught therefore increases their skills throughout the course. At the end of the course they leave the school, not just qualified but already experienced and immediately ready to start work.

Professional expertise

Elégance derives its expertise from its own Spa & Beauty Salon, which are a part of its training establishment.
Each school has its own spa and treatment salon, which receive genuine clients. The treatments are carried out by the students, supervised by their teachers, who expect a very high level of quality.
The professional expertise of the school and its managers is therefore transmitted to the students within a genuine professional environment.

Beautician Training

photo-5– CAP (Vocational Training Certificate)
– CAP for adults (Vocational Training Certificate)
– Brevet professionnel (Vocational diploma)
– Bac professionnel (Vocational diploma)
– BTS (Vocational higher education diploma)

Elégance prepares its students for all the beauty qualifications awarded by the French government.

All the training is carried out either at the school, or as a sandwich course, with one week training for every three weeks in employment, on average.

Since 1969, the Elégance-Gontard school has trained over 8,500 students of all levels, and continues to train nearly 300 professionals per year.

All the Elégance Beauty sector training leads to the highest levels of professional qualification: the best national results in State diplomas, gold medals in the National Competition for the Best Apprentice in France, plus representations and demonstrations at numerous worldwide events.

Spa Training

– Spa Practitioner*
– Operational Spa Manager
– General Spa Manager

The Spa Practitioner and Spa Manager courses systematically use a Spa-school throughout the training, and the assessments are made on real clients or in real situations.

This training method, using the spa as a real training tool, is a « situational » type of training, something that the Elégance Group CEO, Jean-Eric Knecht (who was responsible for educational training in professional applied sciences at the IUFM in Nice) has a lot of experience with, as does Alain Foucart, Honorary Inspector of National Education and an Elégance Group consultant.

All the Spa Practitioner and/or Spa Manager training includes a 10-week in-house training period. Elégance SPA Académie undertakes to place each trainee in a real professional situation, suited to the qualification they are preparing for, either in France or abroad.


Elégance has therefore developed a large network of spas, nationally and internationally, and this close involvement in the professional network also contributes to the recognition of the Spa Practitioner and Spa Manager diplomas, thus increasing the employability of the trainees.

The 100% employability of students holding a Spa Practitioner diploma awarded by Elégance Spa Académie has in fact been audited by the Ministry of Employment through the CNCP (National Vocational Certification Commission).

Over 90 Spa Practitioners and 25 Spa Managers are trained every year, and are placed in employment even before the end of their course.

*The Spa Practitioner course is accessible to anyone, whether or not they hold a beauty qualification.

The Elégance Spa & Beauty Académies provide all their Beauty and Spa training as initial training, sandwich training, continuous vocational training and V.A.E. (Validation of Experience).


The Well-Being and Beauty sectors are experiencing annual economic growth of 10-12% worldwide. Although this figure is excellent, it must be admitted that there is still a significant obstacle to greater growth: the lack of quality training.

Elégance focuses on excellence and employability, and is one of the only groups known and recognised all over the world. In France and elsewhere, the Elégance brand is a guarantee of quality that appeals to both students and professionals.

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