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The Elégance network provides:
- High-quality training
- Record employability levels
- Ideal premises
- Reliable partners
- Profitable businesses

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Do you want to create or re-invigorate
a Beauty School or a Spa training centre?
Manage your own Elégance Spa & Beauty Academy!

YOU are:

  • A project leader looking to open a beauty school in your region;
  • A teacher who wants to manage your own establishment;
  • A beauty school director wanting to develop your establishment by upgrading its services;
  • An owner who is very attached to your establishment and wants to keep your beauty school in business despite persistent difficulties;
  • A beauty school that wants to introduce top-quality spa training (spa practitioners, spa managers);
  • An establishment that wants to create a treatment salon and/or treatment spa that is modern and profitable?

Manage YOUR OWN Elégance school!

By joining the Elégance network you will receive support to develop a viable, profitable, exciting business, through a win-win licence agreement. This partnership agreement, which has already been a great success, gives you the benefit of:

  • Elégance’s active participation in setting up the project.
  • Help with starting up the business (financing, organisation, recruitment) and personalised monitoring.
  • Supply of all the Elégance educational tools.
  • The Elégance Group’s marketing materials.
  • The brand image and know-how of the Elégance-Gontard school and the Spa Académies.
  • Elégance’s expertise as a spa and beauty salon operator (30,000 treatments per year at the Nice site).
  • A wide network of employers who put their trust in Elégance, leading to internships and jobs!

By joining the Elégance network,
you will have everything you need to succeed


Joining the Elégance network gives you the support of a solid, rapidly growing group. You benefit from the reputation of a recognised brand, popular with many beauty and spa professionals, in France and abroad.


Being part of the Elégance network means having access to the methods and tools that have proved their worth over several decades, in the areas of training, administration, management, communication and professional networking.


Above all, managing an Elégance school means being your own boss: choosing your staff, implementing your own strategy and your own ideas. You can work towards your own success, manage your own company, develop your own business and enjoy the profits, both financially and in terms of personal and professional development.


At Elégance, human values are equally important: whatever the geographical distance between an establishment and the head of the network, each relationship is treated as a unique partnership. Each member benefits from personalised support and practical advice from the best consultants.


All Elégance partnerships have a long-term plan. The Group’s foundations are established and solid, and to date it has only experienced success. The Elégance philosophy involves patiently creating the conditions of long-term success, both for its students and for the members of the network.

What Elégance brings to network members

The experience and reputation of a head office (1,500 m²) based in the centre of Nice since 1969.

A brand image and expertise known and recognised by all sector professionals.

An existing partnership agreement that has been successful for several years.

Elégance’s active participation in setting up the project, organising the school, recruitment and marketing.

All its training tools: all the student books, teacher books, assessment methods and tools, training of trainers, organisation of examination boards and systems for obtaining qualifications through Validation of Experience.

Free submission of the assessment reports for all the school’s candidates to the National Examining Board.

Entry to the Elégance professional network for in-company training, and for employment for qualified personnel in city spas and hotel spas, in France and abroad.

Our partners

Finance, equipment, materials, professional linen, cosmetics, make-up, etc.
  • Syndicat professionnel : FFEspa
  • Appareils : LPG
  • Linge professionnel : RKF
  • Maquillage : SLA Paris
  • Banque, financement : BNP Paribas
  • Matériel : Colombao